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vol. 9, 2022

Fascinating Noise: Sound in Art and Science


The Birth of Performance Art From the Spirit of Noise: Punk and Performance Art in Croatia

Ljubica Anđelković Džambić

The Phonograph as a Non-Philosophical Machine: From Representation to the Reproduction of the Unimaginable Real

Mehmet Avcı 

’I Call, You Respond?’: Game Calls, Hunting and Sound Mimicry in the Black Forest

Diane Barbé

“Don’t Think, Just Fart”: Noise and the Comic Value of Flatulence

Rômulo Moraes

Soundscapes of Possible Minds: Meditational Cybernetics in Brian Eno’s Ambient Music

Megan Phipps

What Do We Hear When We Hear Microbe Sounds

Emre Sünter

The Soundscape of Man in the Holocene: An Exercise in Sensitization

Dong Xia

From Postdramatic Heterogeneity to New Reflections on Noise: The House of Extreme Music Theater and the Schachtophonia Accenni for Kamov

Anamarija Žugić Borić

Practice Research

The Sounds of Melting Mountains: A Sound Cartography of Mining in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Frederico Pessoa

The Liminaut: Lost and Found in the Field

Tomáš Roztočil

Review Essay

Opening Performance Orchestra’s Noise of Art

Joseph Nechtaval

Book Reviews

Erica Fretwell: Sensory Experiments

Marlo De Lara

Milena Droumeva and Randolph Jordan, eds.: Sound, Media, Ecology

Colin Frank

Eldritch Priest: Earworm and Event

Malte Kobel

Mark C. Taylor: Seeing Silence

Said Mentak

Anna Snaith, ed.: Sound and Literature

Mahesh Sharma

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