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Part 2

VOL. 8., 2021


Weird Sciences and the Sciences of the Weird: Part 2
Marijeta Bradić


Betwixt and Between: Zones as Liminal and Deterritorialized Spaces
Peter Heft

From Proving Ground to Bumblehive: Touring Utah’s Weird Information Landscape
Owen Marshall

The Weirdness of Hyperobjects
Steffan Jenkins

The Weird as Contingency and Fate in the Empty Space Trilogy
Claudio Murgia

Sentient Body: Re-liberation of Dissident Subjectivity through Skinship
Katya Krylova

Dark Matter: An Ecopsychological Approach to the Ontology of Plant Expression

in Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation and Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly
David M. J. Carruthers

Monster Comics, Wetlands, and the Weird: Steve Gerber’s Man-Thing and

Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing
Chris Wilhelm

Growing the Living in the Land: Weird Ecology in Rob Guillory’s Comic Farmhand
Dona Pursall


Graphic Global Weirding Scenarios for ASEAN’s Capital Cities

Alan Marshall, Mark Stephan Felix,

Kanang Kantamaturapoj, Nanthawan Kaenkaew

A False Encounter: An Interspecies Martian Tale
Oscar Salguero

Book reviews

Julius Greve and Florian Zappe (eds.): The American Weird: Concept and Medium 
Sean Seeger

William Brown and David H. Fleming: The Squid Cinema from Hell:

Kinoteuthis Infernalis and the Emergence of Chthulumedia 
Joseph Jenner

Emily Alder: Weird Fiction and Science at the Fin de Siècle 

John Sears

Timothy Clark: The Value of Ecocriticism

Said Mentak

Thomas Moynihan: Spinal Catastrophism

Ben Woodard

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