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Pulse: the Journal of Science and Culture is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal, affiliated with the Central European University, Hungary. The journal's aim is to become an innovative academic platform that fosters a dialogue between science studies and humanities, or science and culture, broadly taken. It therefore spans academic disciplines such as history, sociology and philosophy of science, cultural studies, medical and digital humanities, animal and environmental studies, cognitive studies, and extends to include diverse cultural media, such as fiction, film, performance, music, and other.

It is targeted especially at doctoral candidates, postdoctoral and early career scholars pursuing innovative and inspiring research. It is published annually. The language of the journal is English.


The journal started out as a student-led publication in 2013, as part of the Science Studies program at the Central European University in Budapest, and with the original title Pulse: a History, Sociology, and Philosophy of Science Journal. In the next five issues, the project proved a success, turning the journal into an exciting platform for graduate and post-graduate students pursuing innovative research on the history, sociology and philosophy of science.

In an effort to broaden the scientific and scholarly reach of the journal, the title was modified to Pulse: the Journal of Science and Culture in 2019 to meet the journal's current academic scope. Since then Pulse is published online only. Its content is accessible on the journal’s new website and permanently stored in the CEEOL database. The editors of the journal are continuing to work on indexing and storing the journal in the digital archives, and keeping a vibrant network of associates and contributors, which now extends to postdoctoral and early career scholars. The journal’s focus has expanded to include cultural practices and media more broadly, emphasizing trans- and inter-disciplinarity.


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