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Pulse publishes original research articles (5000–6000 words) and book reviews (800–1000 words), but remains open to other types of contribution. When submitting an article, please include a cover sheet with the following information: paper title, an abstract (ca. 250 words), and details on the author (name, affiliation, contact). Please make sure to omit from the article any information that might disclose authorship. The author should also obtain copyright permissions for any images, photographs, or other visual material they use in the article.

The article and cover sheet should be submitted in a .doc, .docx, or .odt (or similar open-source) file format. PDF submissions are also accepted, but previously stated file formats are preferred where possible. Please submit your contributions and all related material by e-mail to


​All references should be formatted according to the CHICAGO STYLE (FOOTNOTES AND BIBLIOGRAPHY). For detailed guidelines please visit:


All the articles are reviewed by two experts in the field. The peer-review process is double-blind. The reviews are returned to the author for feedback and/or revision. Two positive reviews are required for the article to be published. If the article does not meet the criteria to be progressed to peer-review, the article will either be rejected, or sent back for revision after feedback from the editors.

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