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part 1

VOL. 7, 2020

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Weird Sciences and the Sciences of the Weird: Part 1 

Marijeta Bradić


A 'Clock Less Urgent': Work, Leisure and Time in J. G. Ballard's The Drowned World and Vermilion Sands

Christopher Webb

Accessing Microbial Lifeworlds: Weird Entanglements and Strange Symbionts

Aaron Bradshaw

Chromophilic Annihilation: Posthuman Prisms and New Materialist Refractions of Reality 

Mashya Boon

Monkey Panic in the Deep Time Machine: Eugenics, Slavery, and European Fragility in Lovecraft

Ben Woodard

On the Emphatic Possibilities of a Multispecies Ethnopoetics

Leanne Rae Darnbrough

"This is a happy house": The Weeknd, the Eerie and the Death Drive

Andrea Jović

'We are All Human Resources': The Weird as Neoliberal Critique in Thomas Ligotti's ''My Work is Not Yet Done'' 

Oliver Rendle

Weirding Utopia for the Anthropocene: Hope, Un/Home and the Uncanny in Annihilation and The City We Became

Lisa Garforth and Miranda Iossifidis

Practice Research

cannibals lovers both neither: An Experiment in Mimetic Communication with Tardigrades 

Siobhan Leddy


Erich Berger et al. (eds.): Art as We Don't Know It

Tori Bush

Lisa Blackman: Haunted Data: Affect, Transmedia, Weird Science

Vincenzo Maria Di Mino

James Machin: Weird Fiction in Britain 1880–1939

Alexander Hay

Sean Moreland (ed.): New Directions in Supernatural Horror Literature: The Critical Influence of H.P. Lovecraft

Niall Gildea

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